1. We function as a closely knit, supportive group.
  2. As a Probus member you become part of Probus Global: www.probusglobal.org
  3. Our subscription rates are kept low and we strive to offer value for money at our functions.
  4. Our Clubs are non-political and non-racist.
  5. We have Men's, Ladies and Mixed Clubs.
  6. They are non-profit making and non-fund raising.
  7. There is no restriction on the number of members from any one vocation.
  8. Probus members may be active members of any other club or organization around the world.
  9. Spouses and guests are invited to participate in most outings and at special functions.

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Contact us for more information or join us for our lunches as a guest - we would love to see you and you will be very welcome.